Month: February 2016

Data Security and why we made ClinicJot HIPAA compliant

When we were designing the new version of ClinicJot as a cloud based system we were very conscious that the safety and security of your data had to be in the forefront of our development effort.

But we were faced with a problem. ClinicJot is available in virtually every country of the world, however there is no international convention governing the storage of medical/clinic data.

In the United Kingdom there is the Data Protection Act 1998, shortly to be replaced by the pan European EU General Data Protection Regulations, in Canada the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and in Australia the Privacy Act. They all adopt a similar approach to the safeguarding of data in its broadest form.
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Welcome to new ClinicJot

We’ve created this new version of ClinicJot using not only the latest technology but, more importantly, the feed-back, help and advice from some of the alternative, complimentary and conventional practitioners who were users of the original ClinicJot app.

The development of our clinical content was overseen by Jane Laidlaw, a Chartered Physiotherapist with over 30 years experience in private holistic practice.
The technical work on the engine that drives ClinicJot was directed by Michael Anderson backed by his team at Appino. Both Jane and Mike are directors of Jotfiles Limited, the company behind ClinicJot.
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