Massage Therapy appointment booking

Practice Management

ClinicJot will help you manage your therapy business more effectively by providing a simple, cost effective, paperless system that enables you to:

  • Manage Client Records Securely
  • Schedule and Manage Bookings
  • Record Consent To Treatment
  • Send Appointment Reminders & Alerts
  • GPS Mapping For Outcalls
  • Raise And Send Bills & Manage Payments
  • Generate One-Touch Reports

Simple, Secure & Intuitive

ClinicJot has been designed from the beginning as a simple, intuitive iPad app so you avoid all of the fuss, time and effort often required by web-based products.

Prices from $FREE - $29.99/mo

ClinicJot is one of the most affordable EMR apps on the market. ClinicJot Classic is FREE to use and the top package is only $29.99 a month!

An EMR Designed for You

ClinicJot was developed by Therapists for Therapists. That’s why it’s so easy and straightforward to use. Our goal is to remove the stresses of running a business so you can concentrate on healing!