Welcome to new ClinicJot

We’ve created this new version of ClinicJot using not only the latest technology but, more importantly, the feed-back, help and advice from some of the alternative, complimentary and conventional practitioners who were users of the original ClinicJot app.

The development of our clinical content was overseen by Jane Laidlaw, a Chartered Physiotherapist with over 30 years experience in private holistic practice.
The technical work on the engine that drives ClinicJot was directed by Michael Anderson backed by his team at Appino. Both Jane and Mike are directors of Jotfiles Limited, the company behind ClinicJot.
As well as a completely new user interface ClinicJot now offers far more customisable features. This means that, among other things, you can assign labels to colours used in your notes, you can add your practice logo to reports and invoices, you can edit conditions on the medical history questionnaire and you can choose your time, date and currency formats.

We’ve also looked closely at data security.

The steps we’ve taken to make ClinicJot a secure base for your data are going to be the subject of a separate article in this blog but you can be sure that this is something we’ve taken very seriously and we’re confident that our secure private cloud storage and encrypted data transfer will ensure that your practice’s and your clients’ data remains safe.

We think our new app is not only a great way to run your practice but, unlike many pc based or pc derived products, it’s really easy to use. Take a look at the videos in the Support section of our website.

And finally if there are features you like or don’t like, or things you’d like to see in future versions of ClinicJot please do get in touch.

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